Woodgrained Fiber Cement Siding Panel
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Woodgrained Fiber Cement Siding Panel

Fiber cement siding panel
1.Woodgrained fiber cement siding panel is made of Japan’s most advanced technology and good quality raw and processed materials, resulted in superior performance of product and wide application and all positions of a building, specially partition wall and suspended ceiling, and fit for exterior wall, indoor partition and ceiling of various styles of buildings, such as office buidling, business building, resident building, school, hospital, cinema, scientific researching institute, KTV, railway station and airport, etc. 

2.Fiber cement siding panel proper construction can not only acquire better ceiling or interlayer wall quality,but stably ensure its solid and durable use, while product’s storage and transportation should be noticed that the following items, protected carefully,carried and stored properly.

3.Storage of fiber cement siding panel 
1).Before ex-factory, fiber cement siding panel  should be handled through dryness,it’s should be placed indoor to prevent it from raining.
2).A dry depositary without water leakage and sink store must be chosen to ensure the superior performances of  fiber cement siding panel .
3).Each board should be covered with waterproof oil cloth or nylon bag, and prevented its sides and corners from being damaged caused by mechanical operation.
4).Don’t place fiber cement siding panel vertically and dispersive.
5).The height of each stack should be not more than 1.2M, and the total storing height should be not more than the 3.0M.

4. Transportation of fiber cement siding panel  
When loading and unloading or construction, it should be handled gently and carried with care lest it’s sides, corners and faces were damaged; when carrying it. Two workers are needed to raise it up simultaneously; both arms raise the long side of the board respectively, forbid single person carrying it.
When carrying the board, two persons raise the board’s two long sides.
It’d better to carry the board vertically; if the board’s thickness was smaller than 6mm,suggest carrying two pieces of board simultaneously.
Woodgrained board (siding panel)
1. Woodgrained fiber cement siding panel is made of fiber cement board, its standard size is 210*2440mm, thickness 7.5-12mm
2. Main characteristics
Beautiful appearance
Good durability
fireproof and dampproof performance
Anti-cold and high temperature resistance
Low expansion rate, low contractibility, no shape changing
Being easy to be processed and fixed
Environmental protection type
Surface can be coated and brushed

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