Fiber Cement Board Waterproof
Fiber Cement Board Waterproof
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The truth is fiber cement siding can be a better alternative to traditional wood siding if properly installed and well maintained.

So now it is recommended that the installer simply install a piece of metal flashing behind each joint, which makes the seams much more visible and less aesthetically pleasing as seen in the photo below.

Here are a couple more things you should know about fiber cement before having it installed on your home.


Fiber cement siding weighs approximately 300 lbs per SQ (100 SF) On a typical home which has on average 25 SQ of siding, that is an additional 7,500 lbs or almost 4 tons of weight added to your house. If your house has any settling or foundation issues, this could create a huge problem.

Another issue that can be relatively common with fiber cement siding is mold growth. This normally occurs from joint sealing issues as well, as moisture is the main contributor to mold growth. The problem with mold growth can be fairly difficult to fix, as it can require home-owners to remove much of their siding, as well as remove the molded areas, depending upon the extent of the damage.

The Engineer is aware of this problem and for this reason has included the following exclusion in its warranty

The growth of mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, or any organism on any surface of the siding and in this respect, ANY CLAIMS OF DAMAGE CAUSED BY MOLD OR MILDEW ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.

Not a maintenance free solution

With the recent release of it “Color Plus” technology, in which the siding is delivered painted from the factory many customers have been led to believe this makes for a maintenance free solution. Some of the most common complaints home-owners who have installed the  product with the pre finished “Color Plus” is that the finish fades quickly, attracts dirt, and begins to chalk. It’s not long before they are painting again. See how the warranty is written below to address (or not address) these issues.

Pro Rated 15yr Warranty that covers virtually nothing