Fiber Cement Board Installation

Fiber Cement Board Installation
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Cement board does not contain anything harmful to the environment and on human health. It has not got gas-emission, tie in with climatic conditions or in time. Fibercment siding is quite durable due to ingredients. The boards are prodused under the high pressure and high temperature during the otoclave operation. It does not effected by ultraviolet light. Fibercement resists to chemicals as well with out decalcifiers. Essipecial, it is very durable to alkalies. Seasonal variation are not important parameter for cement boards in any places of entire world.

Fibercement sheets of any nature as the interior and exterior coating materials and can be easily used in almost every detail of the building. Shaped sheets with desired dimensions can be used as all or administered as fugal . Fugal plates laid at various line intervals to provide different views. The most common areas of application can be summarized as follows.

Fiber cement sheet can be used as interior and exterior cladding material on all kinds of constructions and on every detail of a building. The sheets can be used in full or can be shaped in the required dimensions or applied with joint gaps. Sheets with joint gaps are laid in various line spaces. Most common fields of application are as follows:

  • All work on the interior and exterior coating materials

  • The sandwich panels as partition wall elements

  • The board fugal all kinds of interior and exterior as a decorative coating material

  • As a suspended ceiling element (6 mm)

  • Multi -storey pre- engineered building material on the mezzanine floor ( 16 mm)

  • The support staff under the roofing material ( instead of OSB)

  • Under the ceramic material wet areas

  • On concrete pavement as flooring material ( no need for grout application)

  • As a decorative coating that gives the appearance of wood indoors ( paneling application)

  • Under fringe and facade lining as coating materials

  • The Ready facing elements cladding

  • The floor material in billboards

  • As a partition wall in wet areas ( PP slides coated form )

  • The jambs of doors and windows in the exterior edge

  • The corner element in fibercement siding application

  • As composite components with various coating materials

  • The sandwich panels with various insulation materials

  • As a decorative element in the garden surface veil

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