Fiber Cement Board Dimensions
Fiber Cement Board Dimensions
Product Details

Fiber cement board dimensions is a stable performance and light weight building & decoration board used cement as major and natural fiber reinforced, with the process of pulping, emulsion, forming, pressing, autoclaving, drying and surface treatment. The color is gray. With the sanding surface, thickness uniformity is better and grain is clearer. And because of the cement, the strength is higher, and waterproof performance is much better. So fiber cement board is the highest quality product in the domestic and foreign building materials market.
Product Characteristics 
Fire-proof Rate: A- Class incombustible
Incombustibility: 240 minutes 
Density: 1.3-1.5g/cm3
Water content ratio: ≤30%
Swelling ratio:≤0.40%
Anti-bending strength: ≥16Mpa
Frost resistance:Do not appear cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing 
Radioactivity:  ( A-class Decoration Materials)

Recommend application 
Interior dry wall decoration board
Interior water after painting and coating
Building partition board, suspended ceiling tiles
Fire rating requirement of partition wall and ceiling
Exterior wall cladding, roof lining board, light weight grouting wall panel

Delivery and Storage: 

A. Panels are normally delivered to site in factory crates that are bound with plastic sheet protection, wooden edge protection and wooden dunnage to facilitate forklift handling. When transporting loose panels by truck, they must be laid flat and fully protected against edge damage and protected from weather with waterproof covering. When hand carrying single panels, they must be carried on edge with the short side held vertically.

B. Deliver, store and handle materials to prevent breakage, warping or damage by water.

C. Acclimatize materials by storing on site not less than three days before installation.

D. Materials to be stored indoors on leveled dunnage not exceeding 32" on centers. If temporarily stored outdoors, boards must be elevated above ground, and protected from the weather with waterproof covering. 

E. Panels to be stored flat and not on edges.