Calcium Silicate Panel and Ceiling
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Calcium Silicate Panel And Ceiling

Calcium silicate board

1.Calcium silicate panel and ceiling is one kind of fiber cement ceiling(some people called it cement board ceiling). It is a new type of perfect board required extremely in quantity on the building materials market. Calcium silicate board enjoys the features of high strength in the aspects of fireproofing ,moisture proofing and easy processing. Meanwhile, Calcium silicate board has the performance of comprehensive environment protection, asbestos free, no formaldehyde, and no blastomogen. So Calcium silicate board does no harm to the human body.

2.Product use of calcium silicate board 


1)Building Mezzanine            
2)Demountable partition           
3)Sound-absorbing construction     
4)Soundproof construction        
5)Heat insulation                 
6)Duct for oil smoke drawer        
7)Sign plate                     
8)Fire compartment partition       
9)Low fence spacing              
10)Indoor baseboard               
11)Fire damper                    
12)Structural fire door             
13)Eaves retention board          
14)Advertising plate etc.

3.Characteristic of calcium silicate board
Innocuity ,Fire-proof、Sound insulation,Sawable,Heat insulation,Drillable,Impulsion resistant,Plane-able,Mothproof,Damp-proof 



4.Usage of calcium silicate board  
1) Selection
Take into consideration following in accordance with the design of engineering and the usage
Requirements :The strength and sound insulation of party wall;the heat insulation,sound insulation and strength of exterior wall;the fireproofing,weight and construction expenditure of interior wall;the sound absorption and heat insulation of suspended ceiling and the bearing weight of floor;and the water proofing of toilet.The thickness of the board are recommended as per the drawing shown below.
2) Fixing of Installation
(1)Normally,the calcium silicate board for partition are arranged and laid longitudinally,i.e.the longer side of Boards resting on the firm joist;
(2)The butt junction of the calcium silicate boards should be close naturally without strong pressing to the position;
(3)The slab joint at the both sides of wall body may not be staggered if no strict requirement in fire proofing and sound insulation;the stagger joint shall keep up and down if the wall body is higher than 3 meters.
Pay special attention to arrangement of the boards at door and window, do not let them resting the joist of door and window frames vertical or horizontal to the ground in order to avoid cracking of slab joint due to vibration produced out opening and shutting of door and window.
3) Open the bore
If any hole needed,it should be drilled prior to installation of a board and then installed on the joist frame.A speedy electric tool should be used for drilling a hole to avoid the turning corner too sharp and unable to get the angle of 90°.Otherwise the stress of the drilled board may be rearranged and concentrated at these positions.

5.Installation of Metal Frames

First based on the designed drawing and the indoor conditions, arrange the snapline of the suspended ceiling to be determine the fixing position of the hanger rod (the space between the fixing positing is 1000mm).
Use the hanger rod and hanger to fix horizontally the main joist under the floor with the central distance between the Main Runner as 1000mm and the gap between the end of the Main Runner and the wall body as 10mm.

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