Board Batten Fiber Cement Siding
Board Batten Fiber Cement Siding
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Early fiber cement panels used asbestos fibers to add strength. Cellulose-reinforced fiber cement products were introduced 1980s as a safe replacement for the very widely-used asbestos cementproducts manufactured before that time.

The external cladding products require very little maintenance once installed and painted. The thicker/denser fiber cement products have excellent impact resistance but the thinner less dense products need to be protected from impact. Compared to wooden siding, fiber cement is not susceptible to termites or rot.

Fiber cement siding using baseboard materials that have been classified, by accredited laboratories, as Category A according to BS EN 12467: 2004 Fiber-cement flat sheets - Product specification and test methods are sidings which are intended for applications where they may be subject to heat, high moisture and severe frost.

Fiber cement cladding is a non-combustible material which is widely used in high bushfire prone areas throughout the world.


Siding is a term describing overlapping applications like fish scales and is accepted all around the world. The planks produced  is identical with fiber cement siding in terms of the raw materials they contain and their production techniques. The difference is only in the dimensions and the type of application.

woodgrained panels are natural fibre, cement-based sheets with the appearance of cedar hardened in autoclave and used in classic, modern or prefabricated buildings and on all kinds of interiors and exterior sidings. The wooden-like surface can be used easily on the requested applications without the disadvantages of wood. These wood pattern sheets with the warm appearance of wood have many superior features compared to wood. They do not require additional plaster after application. They can be used with confidence in humid environments as they do not rot. Various aesthetic appearances can be achieved by painting them in the requested colors by means of their dye ability. These sheets are not affected by any insects hazardous to wood, nor do they accomodate them. A1 class (incombustible) woodgrained panels can replace wood dependably in public places such as hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, stadiums etc where there is heavy traffic.