High Quality T-BARS/TEE Grid for Suspend Ceiling System
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High Quality T-BARS/TEE Grid FOR Suspend Ceiling System

Product:High quality T-BARS/TEE grid for suspened ceiling system
Noya high quality T-bar is a sturcture suspened ceiling system. TEE grid system is main include the following parts:Main tee, Cross tee, Wall Angle; Hanger; Joiner;
As to the design, we can include seveal types: Common Tee Bar, Slotted T-bar, Wide or Narrow type T-bar and so on.

This is one kind of the suspending system for the ceiilng.
For the suspending system, our normal specification is:
Main tee:32/38*24*3600
Cross tee:27*24*1200
Cross tee:27*24*600
Wall angle:24*24*3000

Quantity reference: Main Tee 0.225 PCS/m2, Cross Tee (1.2 meter) 1.35 PCS/m2, Cross Tee (0.6 meter) 1.35 PCS/m2, Wall Angle 0.2 PCS/m2.
Excellent fire resistive ability. Suit residuals and public places.
Fast installation. Easy to control the construction progress
Combinative construction. Easy to keep work places clean.
Good vibration absorbing ability. Suit buildings on seismic belt.
Fast reconstruction for easy assembling and dismantling.
Filling acoustic insulation can enhance the sound-proof ability.
Surface of the walls are smooth. Easy to paint or paste wallpaper.
Electric wires are hidden in the wall
It is easy to drill through the wall for construction.
It could be applied under the original ceiling

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High Quality T-Bars/Tee Grid for Suspended System

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