Thatched Roof Designs
Thatched Roof Designs
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Thatched Roof Designs

Thatched Roof Designs The main purpose

   Widely used in landscape, spa, parks, resorts, seaside, water recreation, tropical villas, pavilions, shelters and other places.


    There are many types of simulation thatch, respectively, aluminum simulation thatch, plastic thatch, metal thatch, Villa Thatch, pavilion Thatch, artificial thatch.

    As early as in 1984, John Symbold of Florida,USA, designed the earliest imitation thatched roof tile with resin thatch. He made the heather plate into three pieces with different length and width by using mold hot pressing. And then roasted on the color similar to dry leaves is the first generation of simulation thatched grass / resin artificial thatch that is commonly used in China.

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Thatched Roof Designs Application areas

1. In the ponds, riverside, riverside, lakeside, seaside, beach and other venues, the simulation of thatch can be used to build new fishing kiosks, recreational kiosks, pavilion, sun shade pavilion, waiting shelter, chess pavilion, tea house, water Bar, barbecue, farmhouse, resort, beach style place, tropical place, amusement park and other related buildings;

2. In zoos, theme parks, scenic spots, ecological gardens, virgin forests and other environmental venues, the simulation of thatch can be used to build new pavilions, entertainment and leisure pavilion, shade pavilion, viewing Pavilion, Feng Huiting, canteens, water bar, bar , Barbecue bar, farm, resorts, hot springs resorts and other tourist facilities and buildings of different style style place;

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