Synthetic Thatch Roofing
Synthetic Thatch Roofing
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Synthetic Thatch Roofing

Synthetic Thatch Roofing The main purpose

    Widely used in landscape, spa, parks, resorts, seaside, water recreation, tropical villas, pavilions, shelters and other places.


      There are many types of simulation thatch, respectively, aluminum simulation thatch, plastic thatch, metal thatch, Villa Thatch, pavilion Thatch, artificial thatch.

As early as in 1984, John Symbold of Florida,USA, designed the earliest imitation thatched roof tile with resin thatch. He made the heather plate into three pieces with different length and width by using mold hot pressing. And then roasted on the color similar to dry leaves is the first generation of simulation thatched grass / resin artificial thatch that is commonly used in China.


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Synthetic Thatch Roofing Specification design

Size Design: Grasshopper length has been lengthened, each style grass beard design has coarse and fine, the length of the arrangement of diversity, a style that can achieve a variety of style effects, easy installation, saving time and easy shop uniform, cost savings.

Shape design: The product not only has the windproof function, but also has the natural properties of natural thatch, natural and beautiful shape, excellent simulation results.

Grass root tile: Suitable for layer ridges and other angular structure pavement decoration.

Level tile: style models, paving effect fluffy, messy, tidy, inline four. It can show a variety of style effects.

Resin thatch tile color, can be customized according to customer requirements.