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Thatch Roofing Material

The difference between Thatch Roofing Material and natural thatch:

 l From the point of view of aging resistance, the simulated thatch is much lower than the frequency of natural thatch replacement. The natural thatch is sun-dried after one and a half years, and will be replaced in the second year. There is no need for this kind of thatch, and the replacement period can be extended to eight to ten years later. The aesthetic effect is the same.

2. From the comparison of fire performance, the simulation of thatch is far superior to the natural thatch. Natural thatch has its natural burning properties and cannot be changed. This poses a security risk. The simulation of thatch tile just solved the problem. Without changing the decorative conditions of the thatch, the building can be returned to the traditional natural farmer's characteristics, which is why it is loved by people and the area covered is increasing.


Thatch Roofing Material Market

The simulation of thatch replaces the natural thatch has the advantages of simple installation and maintenance-free at the later stage, and will not exist in the low-cost thatch link! Simply seeking the simulation of thatch products at a price will only cause waste of manpower, financial resources and material resources, like some scenic spots and leisure places. In other areas, the loss of brand marketing is huge because of the poor experience of buying inferior thatch.

Here, NOYA advises customers to purchase a variety of comparisons when purchasing the simulated thatch, comprehensively consider the factors of the company's brand and product quality assurance, and purchase the simulated thatched products with high simulation and quality assurance.

Thatch Roofing Material FAQ

A. About Price:

There are three items: Rubber head, plastic head, Iron   head.

Common price is 3—6usd per piece.

Common Size: 50*45cm, 100*60cm, 100*50cm,

B. About Samples


Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.

C. About MOQ:


Common Quantity: 2000 pieces.

Customized Quantity: 4000 pieces.

D. About OEM:

YES, Customized OEM accepted.

E. About Warranty:

Warranty certificate will be confirmed before contract.

G. About Contact:

Xiamen Noya Manufacturing & Trading   Co.,Ltd

Tel: +86-592-5685666   Fax: +86-592-2636333


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