Synthetic Thatch Roof Material
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Synthetic Thatch Roof Material


How to make a thatched cottage installation waterproof?

 1. First make a waterproof layer and lay it on the waterproof layer. The thatch tile crane has waterproof effect (when there is more overlap), but also the order and method of professional waterproof layer paving: make waterproof treatment on the top of the anti-corrosion wood, and then cover the thatched tile. It is laid from the bottom up from the eaves, the same way as a conventional roof tile. First, weaving the roof of the house, and then planting the area of the grass (referring to the real tile part of the grass tile, the grass must not be counted), and so on.

 2, lap joint: each piece between the grass tile and the grass tile should be connected to each other (13mm). Do not be too neat, a little messy effect will be better, the grass must hang naturally, the purpose is to increase the strength And rain directed. Therefore, in the process of paving, the mixture of dark and light colors should be evenly distributed.

3, thickness effect: the last grass top effect of the roof is to see the thickness of the grass whisker, the effect of the grass whisker produced after simply laying a layer of solid tile is not very ideal, if you want to increase the thickness, you need to lay some embellished grass tile. The grass that is adorned with grass must be elastic (floating).

4, oblique ridge: also from the bottom up, laying out the spine to form a rain guide, do not forget the color match at this time.

5, top closing: it is best to use a firm roof combined with thatch.

6. Overall effect: After the entire roof of the thatched tile, the curvature of the grass must be properly pressed and picked, just as simple as combing the hair. Make it natural, look from the bottom up. Don't see tarps, the best results.

7. Safety: It is the responsibility of the builder to adopt a correct and safe construction method.


Why does the simulated material replace the real thatch?

 In fact, the real thatched grass will have some defects, not suitable for the current requirements of the building. The corrosion resistance of natural thatch is not as good as the thatch made of artificial thatch. What are the different places besides this? Of course, if there is no similarity, then why do people think that they imagine, and will not use it to replace the real thatch. Because it produces a real and real thatch through the process. Looking at the distance from a distance will feel exactly the same. In addition to this, it is incredible that the more natural touch is exactly the same. So these two are the most intuitive similarities.

In fact, the simulation of thatch has also made some changes, because the thatch is very easy to burn, and the simulation of the thatch has become a material through the process, so the safety will be guaranteed.



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