Thatch Roof Panels
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Thatch Roof Panels

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Noya Thatch Roof Panels features:

(1) Up to 100% of fire prevention, fire prevention through environmental certification and testing;
(2) From nesting birds, insects, fungi, etc.;
(3) Noya thatch tile can be matched into a variety of grass color, wind and random bending never fade,
(4) Imitative of up to 100% will be used in any place, without the weather warm and cold and wind and rain constraints;
(5) Simple installation, after installation, no maintenance and replacement of the workload can be said once and for all the ideals material;
(6) Noya Tropical Thatch roof tile from a variety of shapes, dome, roof slope, rain Gouyan other requirements;
(7) The lifespan of 7-15 years;

Thatch Roof Panels

Thatch Roof Panels Application areas

1. In the ponds, riverside, riverside, lakeside, seaside, beach and other venues, the simulation of thatch can be used to build new fishing kiosks, recreational kiosks, pavilion, sun shade pavilion, waiting shelter, chess pavilion, tea house, water Bar, barbecue, farmhouse, resort, beach style place, tropical place, amusement park and other related buildings;

2. In zoos, theme parks, scenic spots, ecological gardens, virgin forests and other environmental venues, the simulation of thatch can be used to build new pavilions, entertainment and leisure pavilion, shade pavilion, viewing Pavilion, Feng Huiting, canteens, water bar, bar , Barbecue bar, farm, resorts, hot springs resorts and other tourist facilities and buildings of different style style place.

Thatch Roof Panels Project Effect

Thatch Roof Panels
Thatch Roof Panels

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