Bamboo and Thatch
Bamboo and Thatch
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Bamboo And Thatch

Bamboo And Thatch Product Description

Noya Bamboo And Thatch features:
(1) Up to 100% of fire prevention, fire prevention through environmental certification and testing;
(2) From nesting birds, insects, fungi, etc.;
(3) Noya thatch tile can be matched into a variety of grass color, wind and random bending never fade,
(4) Imitative of up to 100% will be used in any place, without the weather warm and cold and wind and rain constraints;
(5) Simple installation, after installation, no maintenance and replacement of the workload can be said once and for all the ideals material;
(6) Noya Simulation thatched roof tile from a variety of shapes, dome, roof slope, rain Gouyan other requirements;
(7) The lifespan of 30-50 years;

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    The artificial bamboo usually adopts the structure of the resin-tree of the FRP resin. It is made of high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber. The GB adopts the GB steel structure in the tree stem and the high-performance flame-retardant environmental protection material such as ABS plastic or PU. Good corrosion resistance, anti-aging high temperature anti-flame retardant, more environmentally friendly, anti-UV

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Bamboo And Thatch Application

    The hotel, the park, the commercial street, the square, the river, the station, the auditorium, the entertainment place, the ecological garden, the courtyard of the district, the exhibition hall, the supermarkets, the office, the family and so on various occasions, beautifies the environment, and endures.



A. About Price:

There are three items: Rubber head, plastic head, Iron   head.

Common price is 3—6usd per piece.

Common Size: 50*45cm, 100*60cm, 100*50cm,

B. About Samples


Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.

C. About MOQ:


Common Quantity: 2000 pieces.

Customized Quantity: 4000 pieces.

D. About OEM:

YES, Customized OEM accepted.

E. About Warranty:

Warranty certificate will be confirmed before contract.

G. About Contact:

Xiamen Noya Manufacturing & Trading   Co.,Ltd

2L Xinghu   Building, No.46 Huli Road,    Xiamen city,China.

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