Thatching Reed for Sale
Thatching Reed for Sale
Product Details

Thatching Reed for Sale

Product Description

(1) 100% fire-retardant, easy to pass environmental protection and fire prevention regulations;

(2) Insects are not threatened by birds nesting, moth-eaten and fungi;

(3) can be proportioned into a variety of thatch color, the longer the color, the more realistic color;

(4) can be used instead of real thatch anywhere, not limited by the weather warm and wind and rain;

(5) The installation is simple, after installation without the workload of maintenance and replacement, can be said that once and for all the ideal material;

(6) The simulation thatched roof tile from a variety of roof shapes, domes, roof slope, gutter and other requirements along the rain;

(7) The useful life of 7-15 years or so;



Thatching Reed for Sale Specification design

  Each style has a thick and thin design, the length of the arrangement of diversification, a style that is able to achieve a variety of style effects, to facilitate the installation of workers, saving time and easy shop uniform and cost savings.

Shape design: The product not only has the windproof function, but also has the natural properties of natural thatch, natural and beautiful shape, excellent simulation results.

Grass root tile: Suitable for layer ridges and other angular structure pavement decoration.

Tile level: medium length, style models and diverse, paving effect fluffy, messy, tidy, inline four. Shop curved camber. Can show a variety of style effects.

Resin thatch tile color, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Company Info 


      In 1995, Xiamen Noya Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd was founded. As            a diversified and comprehensive company, we have devoted ourselves to  the          field of building materials and its integrated solution in the  past few years.              Now we have a wide selection of products available. Our main series                      includes wall, roofing, flooring and ceiling decorative materials. We always              endeavor to integrate and optimize  resources in order to provide not only                high-quality products and reasonable prices, but the integrated solutions to our                                                  clients.



A. About Price:

There are three items: Rubber head, plastic head, Iron head.

Common price is 3—6usd per piece.

Common Size: 50*45cm, 100*60cm, 100*50cm,


B. About Samples

Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.


C. About MOQ:

Common Quantity: 500 pieces.

Customized Quantity: 4000 pieces.


D. About OEM:

YES, Customized OEM accepted.