Thatch Roofing for Sale
Thatch Roofing for Sale
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Thatch Roofing For Sale

Thatch Roofing For Sale Product Description

   Imitation Roof Straw Thatch Roof is a flame-retardant imitation of thatch grass a craft, it is made through a special process imitation of natural thatch (reed) products, colors and senses are to imitate the thatch grass, beautiful color and elegant, light, not raw Rust, no decay, no worms, durable, fireproof, corrosion-proof and easy to install (because it mainly plays the role of decoration, so it is simpler than installing ordinary tiles) and is the ideal decoration material to replace the natural thatch roof.

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Thatch Roofing For Sale Color craft

    Thatch color choice; commonly used thatch (straw) color, rich and varied colors, commonly used thatch tile color code is dark yellow, light yellow, dead color, color, rotten color, green. The first five colors are suitable for the construction of the ancient thatched cottages and cultural projects. The green is suitable for the construction of modern gardens and represents low-carbon and environmental protection. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Color Material properties: After special treatment, anti-UV UV, flame retardant, anti-mold, anti-oxidation and other climate characteristics. Pigments have passed the national test certification.

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