Colored Synthetic Thatching Roof Fake Palm Hut Grass Thatch
Product Details

Colored Synthetic Thatching Roof Fake Palm Hut Grass Thatch

Synthetic palm leafage No maintenance!
The Artificial turf roofing tiles:
•Highly durable and resistant (durability + 30 years).
•100% recyclable.
•Fire retardant treated European standard M1.
•Treatment specific anti-UV that allows significant energy savings.
•Products eco-friendly, highly eco-friendly and does not contain any toxic substance.
•Use for Thatch umbrella, thatched roof cottage.


installation of ITEM 5.jpg

Both synthetic Palm and thatching grass are Artificial exotic products (handmade roof / reed roof), designed to be almost permanent, lasting, effective and aesthetic solution for their projects of reform or replacement of natural products.

The Artificial turf roofing tiles are manufactured with materials of high quality, industrial whose exceptional technical features guarantee your peace of mind in the long run in terms of maintenance, both for its high durability (lifespan estimated at 20 years). Benefits, attached to the Artificial turf roofing, offer a new concept of effective outer cover that guarantees exceptional resistance to the weather, allowing a perfect seal.

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