Thatch Roof Tiles
Thatch Roof Tiles
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Thatch Roof Tiles

Thatch Roof Tiles Product Description

     Imitation Reed Thatch Roof is a flame-retardant imitation of thatch grass a craft, it is made through a special process imitation of natural thatch (reed) products, colors and senses are to imitate the thatch grass, beautiful color and elegant, light, not raw Rust, no decay, no worms, durable, fireproof, corrosion-proof and easy to install (because it mainly plays the role of decoration, so it is simpler than installing ordinary tiles) and is the ideal decoration material to replace the natural thatch roof.


Thatch Roof Tiles Installation method

    Thatch Roof Tiles installation is very simple: the roof from the bottom up to shop, as with the conventional method of laying tile, each piece of horizontal overlap about 5cm, not too much attention to the overlap, thatched along the eave grass line longer points overlap multiple points , Prominent floating heavy effect. The specific installation steps are:

1. On the first floor, the real tile portion of thatch tile along the reference line nails along the eaves;

2. The second layer, up 15-20cm above the first layer;

3. The third floor, the fourth floor than the overlap nails, and so on, you can complete the installation package, showing a realistic thatched landscape. 

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A. About Price:

There are three items: Rubber head, plastic head, Iron head.

Common price is 3—6usd per piece.

Common Size: 50*45cm, 100*60cm, 100*50cm, 80*50cm.


B. About Samples

Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.


C. About MOQ:

Common Quantity: 500 pieces.

Customized Quantity: 4000 pieces.


D. About OEM:

YES, Customized OEM accepted.