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Thatch Grass Suppliers
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Thatch Grass Suppliers

Thatch Grass Suppliers The main purpose

Widely used in landscape, spa, parks, resorts, seaside, water recreation, tropical villas, pavilions, shelters and other places.


There are many types of simulation thatch, respectively, aluminum simulation thatch, plastic thatch, metal thatch, Villa Thatch, pavilion Thatch, artificial thatch.

As early as in 1984, John Symbold of Florida,USA, designed the earliest imitation thatched roof tile with resin thatch. He made the heather plate into three pieces with different length and width by using mold hot pressing. And then roasted on the color similar to dry leaves is the first generation of simulation thatched grass / resin artificial thatch that is commonly used in China.

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Application areas

1. In restaurants and bars, hotels and restaurants, hotel gardens, farm, resorts, amusement parks, residential communities, villas, high-end construction area, exhibition venues, the size of streets, terminals and other public places of leisure and entertainment activities available simulation Thatch added outdoor gazebo, indoor watch kiosks, entertainment kiosks, sun shade rain kiosks, fishing kiosks, kiosks, kiosks, kiosks, security warning kiosks, road signs kiosks, waiting bus shelters, bus stops and other public facilities;

2. No matter organizations, enterprises and institutions, the size of shopping malls and other walks of life can be used simulation thatch new news kiosks, telephone booths, road signs kiosks, security warning kiosks, commercial kiosks, information kiosks, policy pavilions, etc .; also according to various Traditional festivals, various activities and other related content to create a new specific, fixed professional place.

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Company Info

    Our company introduces the advanced technology from western countries, mainly specializing in producing emulation straw tiles, thatch tiles, reed leaf, palm leaf etc. which are popular used in villa, theme park, tourist attraction, green way and so on. It’s an ideal replacement for the nature grass.

    Our Fiber Cement Board factory covers an area of 38000sqm, structure area of 26000sqm. Its total captial is up to 15 billion RMB. The company has over 300 emploees including workers, R&D experts and quality control team. Besides, it also works with the Shanghai Tongji University for the horizontal technical cooperation and imports the whole sets of well-equipped facilities to popularize this new type of environmental building materials. The production capacity has reached 20 million square meters. Moreover, it is the first enterprise which obtains the CE certificate inChina.

    Our Wood Plastic Composite factory is the most outstanding leader in this industry inChinawhich occupies an area more than 20 million square meters.It has built up 10 auto production-lines of WPC profiles introduced from the developed country, such asUSA,Canada. The annual production capacity can achieve 5000 tons above.