Thatched roof Umbrella
Thatched roof Umbrella
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Thatched roof Umbrella

Fire and pest control and maintenance of thatched grass and simulated Thatched roof Umbrella

     Thatched roof Umbrella is the responsibility of each worker, and pay attention to personal sahas a strong flammability, once ignited, not easy to extinguish, therefore, to take effective fire prevention measures is essential. The thick thatched grass is the ideal habitat and breeding base for insects, and its harmful effects are greatly eaten by pests. On the pest control measures, the pesticide should be sprayed on the one hand and clean and maintenance of thatch grass on the other hand. Thatched roof is basically every 1-2 years you need to be replaced once. After the simulation thatch is no longer installed after the fire pest control and treatment, there is no post-maintenance, it can be said once and for all, safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

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The main purpose of Thatched roof Umbrella

Widely used in landscape, spa, parks, resorts, seaside, water recreation, tropical villas, pavilions, shelters and other places.


There are many types of Thatched roof Umbrella, respectively, aluminum simulation thatch, plastic thatch, metal thatch, Villa Thatch, pavilion Thatch, artificial thatch.

As early as in 1984, John Symbold of Florida,USA, designed the earliest imitation thatched roof tile with resin thatch. He made the heather plate into three pieces with different length and width by using mold hot pressing. And then roasted on the color similar to dry leaves is the first generation of simulation thatched grass / resin artificial thatch that is commonly used in China.


Installation matters

Although the simulation thatched grass has a certain role in the rain (when the overlap is thick), but the water is not the main function of the rain, it is recommended to install the roof before the professional waterproof layer, and then do the roof of the base layer, thatched roof from the eaves Under the shop, similar to the conventional tiling method;

(1) The installation is completed without stampede, hand folded.

(2) Do not use for fire prevention and pest control after installation, and do not need artificial maintenance later

(3) Safety Construction is the responsibility of each worker, and pay attention to personal safety during construction