Synthetic Thatch Tiles
Synthetic Thatch Tiles
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Synthetic Thatch Tiles

    Imitation Reed Thatch Roof is a flame-retardant imitation of thatch grass a craft, it is made through a special process imitation of natural thatch (reed) products, colors and senses are to imitate the thatch grass, beautiful color and elegant, light, not raw Rust, no decay, no worms, durable, fireproof, corrosion-proof and easy to install (because it mainly plays the role of decoration, so it is simpler than installing ordinary tiles) and is the ideal decoration material to replace the natural thatch roof.

Synthetic Thatch Tiles Color : Diversification of 100% simulation degree, 100% do not fade It consists of a special process made imitation of natural grass (straw) and tiles, beautiful color and elegant.

Sales region: Global

African Artificial Envirment Synthetic Simulation Thatch for Roof


Synthetic Thatch Tiles Application areas

    1.In restaurants and bars, hotels and restaurants, hotel gardens, farm, resorts, amusement parks, residential communities, villas, high-end construction area, exhibition venues, the size of streets, terminals and other public places of leisure and entertainment activities available simulation Thatch added outdoor gazebo, indoor watch kiosks, entertainment kiosks, sun shade rain kiosks, fishing kiosks, kiosks, kiosks, kiosks, security warning kiosks, road signs kiosks, waiting bus shelters, bus stops and other public facilities;

    2.No matter organizations, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls and other businesses are available simulation of thatch new reading kiosk, telephone booths, road signs kiosks, security warning kiosks, commercial kiosks, information kiosks, policy pavilions, etc .; also according to various traditions Festivals, events and other related content to create a new specific, fixed professional place.

Synthetic Thatch Tiles Installation

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