Thatch Roofing Prices
Thatch Roofing Prices
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Thatch Roofing Prices

Thatch Roofing Prices Features

(1) 100% fireproof, easy to pass environmental protection and fire prevention regulations;

(2) Insects are not threatened by birds nesting, moth-eaten and fungi;

(3) can be proportioned into a variety of thatch color, the longer the color, the more realistic color;

(4) can be used instead of real thatch anywhere, not limited by the weather warm and wind and rain;

(5) The installation is simple, after installation without the workload of maintenance and replacement, can be said that once and for all the ideal material;

(6) The Thatch Roofing Prices from a variety of roof shapes, domes, roof slope, gutter and other requirements along the rain;

(7) The useful life of 7-15 years or so;

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Thatch Roofing Prices Installation method

Thatch Roofing Prices installation is very simple: the roof from the bottom up to shop, as with the conventional method of laying tile, each piece of horizontal overlap about 5cm, not too much attention to the overlap, thatched along the eave grass line longer points overlap multiple points , Prominent floating heavy effect. The specific installation steps are:

1. On the first floor, the real tile portion of thatch tile along the reference line nails along the eaves;

2. The second layer, up 15-20cm above the first layer;

3. The third floor, the fourth floor than the overlap nails, and so on, you can complete the installation package, showing a realistic thatched landscape.


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1. Low MOQ

2. OEM and ODM service available.

3. Factory sale directly with much competitive price.

5. Good Quality Control.

6. Free samples are available. Even customized die cut parts are also available. We guarantee that the samples and mass production tapes would be satisfied.

7. All of the customers’ samples/orders would be recorded and maintained secrecy. Customers can re-order with convenience and satisfactory.