Cottage With Thatched Roof
Cottage With Thatched Roof
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Cottage With Thatched Roof

Cottage With Thatched Roof Features

(1) 100% fireproof, easy to pass environmental protection and fire prevention regulations;

(2) Insects are not threatened by birds nesting, moth-eaten and fungi;

(3) can be proportioned into a variety of thatch color, the longer the color, the more realistic color;

(4) can be used instead of real thatch anywhere, not limited by the weather warm and wind and rain;

(5) The installation is simple, after installation without the workload of maintenance and replacement, can be said that once and for all the ideal material;

(6) The Cottage With Thatched Roof from a variety of roof shapes, domes, roof slope, gutter and other requirements along the rain;

(7) The useful life of 7-15 years or so;

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Cottage With Thatched Roof Color craft

Thatch color choice; commonly used thatch (straw) color, rich and varied colors, commonly used thatch tile color code is dark yellow, light yellow, dead color, color, rotten color, green. The first five colors are suitable for the construction of the ancient thatched cottages and cultural projects. The green is suitable for the construction of modern gardens and represents low-carbon and environmental protection. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Color Material properties: After special treatment, anti-UV UV, flame retardant, anti-mold, anti-oxidation and other climate characteristics. Pigments have passed the national test certification.


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