Grass Hut Roofing

Grass Hut Roofing
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Grass Hut Roofing 

Grass Hut Roofing Features

(1) 100% fireproof, easy to pass environmental protection and fire prevention regulations;

(2) Insects are not threatened by birds nesting, moth-eaten and fungi;

(3) can be proportioned into a variety of thatch color, the longer the color, the more realistic color;

(4) can be used instead of real thatch anywhere, not limited by the weather warm and wind and rain;

(5) The installation is simple, after installation without the workload of maintenance and replacement, can be said that once and for all the ideal material;

(6) The Grass Hut Roofing from a variety of roof shapes, domes, roof slope, gutter and other requirements along the rain;

(7) The useful life of 7-15 years or so;

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Fire and pest control and maintenance of thatched grass and Grass Hut Roofing

     Thatch has a strong flammability, once ignited, not easy to extinguish, therefore, to take effective fire prevention measures is essential. The thick thatched grass is the ideal habitat and breeding base for insects, and its harmful effects are greatly eaten by pests. On the pest control measures, the pesticide should be sprayed on the one hand and clean and maintenance of thatch grass on the other hand. Thatched roof is basically every 1-2 years you need to be replaced once. After the simulation thatch is no longer installed after the fire pest control and treatment, there is no post-maintenance, it can be said once and for all, safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

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Company Info

In 1995

The company was founded.

In 2001

Noya was audited by Alibaba for Gold   Supplier.

In 2008

Noya was relocated to Xinghu Building.

In 2012

Noya was audited by SGS-CSTS for Audited   Supplier.


We have own 2 factories for production.

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