Artificial Grass Golf Course Garden Green Concrete Glue Install Designs
Artificial Grass Golf Course Garden Green Concrete Glue Install Designs
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Artificial Grass Golf Course Garden Green concrete Glue Install Designs

Artificial grass decoration crafts is used for decoration crafts, landscaping, residential gardening, public areas and roadway landscaping.

1. The following advantages of artificial grass garden designs: 

Comfortable Vision: Natural and lovely appearance 
Durability: Fine grass creat a generation of "slim" grass with high quality level 
Easy Maintenance: No mowing, no irrigating and no fertilizing 
UV-resistance, high color fastness, high UV-stability 
Safe and environmental friendly, harmless to the soil or the underground water 

2. Content of artificial grass golf putting green:

Yarn type: PE or PP monofilament fiber
Dtex: 12,000D
Pile height: 10--40mm
Stitch rate: 16/100m--28/100mm,35/100mm
Gauge: 3/8 inches,3/4 inches
Colors: olive green ,Verde green, white, or customized
Backing: multi-layers
Coating: SBR latex

3. Application of artificial grass golf course: 

For the Landscaping and infilled artificial turf sports fields, such as the back yard, pubilc place, soccer, base ball, rugby, and etc. 

4. Installation of artificial grass garden designs:

First step: Based on the basketball court to identify the location of all the white line and later snap the ink and carpenter's sink marker.

Second step: indicate the location of white line’s position on the midfield with marking chalk.

Third step: identify the central point and draw the midfield circularity.

Forth step: draw the midfield circularity with marking chalk.

Fifth step: lawns get into court.

Sixth step: roll out the lawns by the production planning number in order.

Seventh step: make flat the lawns.

Eighth step: cut the redundant lawns in surroundings.

Ninth step: spread glue on foundation and surrounding lawns, after air-dry clapped them together.

Tenth step: joint and cut the redundant lawns between rolls.

11th step: diagram after joint and gluing.

12th step: cut the white lawns according to the standard field line.

13th step: glue the white cut lawns, dry up and use them.

14th step: cut the green lawn on the midfield circularity and enchase the white lawns.

15th step: enchase the white lawns.

16th step: glue the joint between the white and green lawns (width is 15cm-20cm), clapped them together after air-dry.

17th step: glue on the foundation on the edge of penalty area and the lawns, clapped them together after air-dry.

18th step: clean the ground after installation.

19th step: arrange the sand in order

20th step: infill the sand into ground equably.

5. Item pictures of artificial grass garden designs

artificial grass garden designs

artificial grass glue to concrete

artificial grass golf putting green

artificial grass ground preparation