Wood Polymer Composite Decking
Wood Polymer Composite Decking
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Wood Polymer Composite Decking

Wood Polymer Composite Decking Industrial Distribution

  The overseas wood-plastic industry is represented by North America. North America is the fastest-growing and most-used wood-plastic composite material in the world. It is mainly used for outdoor buildings with rough style. Its wood-plastic products and its manufacturing technology are not very elaborate. In the recent 10 years, the growth rate of theU.S.wood-plastic market has maintained above 10%, especially in the past 5 years. In 2009, the sales volume of wood-plastic materials was about 700,000 tons. TheUnited Statesabout 50 or so wood-plastic enterprises, has formed a complete industrial chain, which is characterized by large-scale, high yield, with an average annual output of more than 10,000 tons.


  China Wood Polymer Composite Decking is a very young industry, but its history has been growing for more than a decade, no matter from which perspective it is still immature. Compared with the North American market, the growth of WPC and finished products inChinais as follows A lot of space. The domestic wood-plastic composite materials design, manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, there are many products have been exported abroad.

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Product NameWood Polymer Composite Decking
Size150*25mm,147*23mm,145*30mm Solid and Hollow
LengthAccording to your requirement. 
SurfaceSmooth, Brushed, Scratched, Grain optional
Low/High Temperature resistance:Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60.
ColorTeak, Beech, Black Walnut, Coffee, Customized color
Material Component50% Waste Wood Fibers+45% HDPE 
Warranty15 years
PackageBy pallet
ApplicationEnvironmental Decking, Fencing, Railing & Trim 
(Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, Pool & SPA Surrounds, 
Boardwalk, Outdoor Fencing, Customs Pallet, Gate& Playground) 
Advantage1.      High density and strength; Clean, beautiful and colorful.
2.      The service life of Noya WPC Flooring is about 10 times of ordinary wooden products; 
3.      Waterproof, fire prevention, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, insect-resistant, prevent bacteria breeding, can be used outdoor. 
4.      The capacity to reprocess is excellent and it can be sawed, nailed, drilled, and planed. Non-paint. The size and shape of product can be adjusted. 
5.      Do not produce secondary pollution; 100% can be recycled and environmentally friendly. 

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