Wood Swimming Pool Decks
Wood Swimming Pool Decks
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Wood Swimming Pool Decks

China Wood Swimming Pool Decks is a very young industry, but its history has been growing for more than a decade, no matter from which perspective it is still immature. Compared with the North American market, the growth of Wood Swimming Pool Decks and finished products inChinais as follows A lot of space. The domestic wood-plastic composite materials design, manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, there are many products have been exported abroad.


How about the application of Wood Swimming Pool Decks?

Traditionally, WPC materials are used for decking and wall panels. These days, WPC materials are widely applied in different areas: blind, ceiling, furniture, handrail, fencing, windows and doors. While we believe the application of WPC will beyond these in the future.

Definition of Wood Swimming Pool Decks materials

The raw materials are mainly wood fiber, poly materials and processing agents. Extrusion technique is used to produce this new eco material which can be a substitution for real wood because of its wood-like texture and performance. Wood Swimming Pool Decks is short for wood plastic composites.

Wpc decking provide similar processing properties to real wood. Therefore, normal tools can be used for cutting, sawing, nailing. At the same time, the water-proofing performance makes wpc to be a durable outdoor building material.


Will color fade because of exposure to the sun ?

ULTRA-VIOLET inhibitors have been added to reduce color fading due to extensive sun exposure.A slight change in color will occur but will retain this lighter shade through out the life of the product. Please refer to the  color chart for color changes.

Solid Wood Swimming Pool Decks

Solid decking is made of solid material, the weight is heavier than the hollow decking. With the greater mass that it is for the professional market and public projects, such as swimming pool, hotels, marine, coffee shops. It can do embossed with different wood grain patterns on the surface even though it is produced by recycling plastic and wood fiber. Some homeowners prefer solid decking because it looks like traditional hardwood, enhance durability, denser construction and particularly strong. Solid decking might offer the most stability if people plan to decorate the garden decking with heavy objects, such as BBQ grill, outdoor furniture.


Hollow Wood Plastic Composite Decking Board

Hollow decking is lighter than the solid board and with the man-made look, with less material so that the price is cheaper. The structure of the hollow decking is simple so the lifetime is shorter than solid decking and suggest to do in private application, such as the balcony, private back yard, where fewer people stay. If people want to work with lighter weight material, it is a good option to choose hollow decking. People might have an easier time to transport and position the boards. You need to be careful when handling it or keep in a storehouse, though, because it’s more susceptible to damage before it’s installed.