Wood Or Composite Deck
Wood Or Composite Deck
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Wood Or Composite Deck


Extruded products of different sizes and shapes add to the diversity of Wood Or Composite Deck.

When the profiles do not require a continuous sheet-like structure or the components have a complex structural design, the wood-plastic profiles can be injection molded or molded. Processors sometimes face the problem of how to fully mold wood-based materials during processing. To solve this problem, they need to reduce the amount of wood filler to increase melt flow.

As 200 ° C is the upper limit of Wood Or Composite Deck processing operating temperature, some resins with melting points over 200 ° C, such as PET, can not be used in WPC.


Moisture can degrade the properties of the composite and also help to breed microorganisms, so be sure to remove moisture before using wood filler. Before processing wood filler to be dried, the general requirements of water vapor content after treatment to be less than 1 to 2%.


Wood Or Composite Deck Compare to the Wood


Wood Or Composite Deck


Moisture Resistance


Water absorptive

Rot Resistance


Need special treating(print)

Split Resistance

No Cracked

Cracked by weathering effect

Distortion Resistance

Almost no Contraction/expansion

Distorting effected by chang of 

moisture and temperature

UV Resistance

High Grade UV Resistance

Easily effected by UV

Fading Resistance

Almost no

Easy to fade

No need painting

No need

Need paint periodically


> 15years

3-5 years

Methyl aldehyde

No  Methyl aldehyde

Low  Methyl aldehyde 


Nontoxic additives

No need additives

Environment Effect

Recyclable 100%

Used as the material of WPC


Installation of Wood Or Composite Deck

Wood Or Composite Deck can be worked without special tools and our boards are easily fastened to a supporting substructure of joists using TClips. These slot into the grooves along the sides of each board and are screwed into the supporting joists using 45mm stainless steel screws.

 Almost invisible from above, the TClips are a simple and effective fixing system that helps you ensure your boards are evenly spaced.


For extra purchase, or as an alternative to TClips, our decking boards can also be screwed into supporting  joists using decking screws through the centre of each board. Unlike timber boards our WPC decking boards only require a single screw through the centre of the board as they do not warp.

In the case of a domestic deck we normally suggest that the centres of adjacent joists are no more than 450mm apart however the right support for your deck will vary depending upon a range of factors  including the loads that are to be imposed and the span of the joists.