Synthetic Wood Decking
Synthetic Wood Decking
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Synthetic Wood Decking types

After the concepts and products of wood-plastic were brought into the domestic market, they were favored by some companies and consumers, and then the wood-plastic products appeared on the market of building materials. The main material of domestic wood is divided into PE wood and PVC wood and plastic two categories.


PE wood plastic advantages:

PE Synthetic Wood Decking materials have excellent water resistance and corrosion resistance, high hardness, heat variant buckling, but with thick or porous hollow structure effect.

PE wood plastic shortcomings:

1. Product outdoor survival of a limited number of life; now use 3-5 years;

2. Antioxidant and anti-photolytic ability is poor, even if added anti-oxygen agent and UV reference agent, the effect is not very satisfactory, but also affect the product strength and color fastness;

3. Product appearance pure color, no wood texture, the appearance of less effective.



PVC wood plastic advantages:

1.PVC Synthetic Wood Decking products can use the new material, you can also use the old material to do (and PE with the new material to do the cost is too high, the product has no way into the market), modification is also easier, the amount of added quality But

2. PVC can be made into low foam wood-plastic products, such a lower cost, that can be used co-extrusion suitable form (double expected co-extrusion or steel-plastic coextrusion), strength and wood grain are good;

3.PVC secondary processing can be a variety of decorative surface or paint covered UV paint, the product looks good and color fastness;

4. PVC Synthetic Wood Decking products, water and corrosion are equally good.


Synthetic Wood Decking applications

Wooden interior doors, baseboards, the whole cabinet, wardrobe, siding, ceiling, decorative wall panels, outdoor flooring, fence columns, steel gazebo, garden fence, balcony fence, fencing fence, leisure benches, trees Pools, flower racks, flower boxes air-conditioned planes, air-conditioning shields, shutters, pavement signs, transport pallets, and so on.

Synthetic Wood Decking Installation

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