WPC Outdoor Decking Installation
WPC Outdoor Decking Installation
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Product Description of WPC Outdoor Decking Installation

  1. Product Name:WPC Outdoor Decking Installation

  2. Material:

Noya Wood Plastic Composite Floor is manufactured by using extrusion process involving intimate mixing of plastic and cellulose. Wood composite planking that is structured, durable, rot proof, and that has a warm and natural feel to it, with a textured surface just like real wood. The result is a high quantity, long lasting, unnecessary maintenance.

Comparative Advantage of WPC Outdoor Decking Installationwith wood

Although wood-plastic composites are more expensive than pure wood, the relative high costs are gradually declining as manufacturers find more efficient processing methods. The use of recycled plastics in composites can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the cost structure, many consumers are still willing to accept relatively high prices for the advantages of these composites.

1, environmentally friendly:

Use of recycled materials (wood flour and plastic)

No need for anti-corrosion treatment

2, does not require routine maintenance, long service life than wood does not absorb moisture, tide, no decay, pest control

Not broken, cracked, not deformed

Cold and hot environment is not sensitive

3, polyolefin wood-plastic composite material mechanical properties, can be widely used for bearing structural materials;

4, polyolefin 95% of the raw materials for wood-based materials for renewable materials, so the cost is lower, while the product can be 100% recycled;

5, PVC wood-plastic composite materials by micro-foam to improve the impact strength, reduce the proportion of real wood.

There are two popular kinds series, NY150*25 and Square decking. The picture below is for NY 150*25


Wpc installation.jpg

FAQ of WPC Outdoor Decking Installation

A. About Price:

Common price is 2—5usd per meter.

Common Size: 150*25mm, 147*23mm, 140*25mm….


B. About Samples          

Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.


C. About MOQ:

Common Quantity: 500m2.

Customized Quantity: 2 full 20ft.

D.How to check the quality of wpc with naked eyes ?

1, you can check the cross section to see if the raw materials can mix well.

2, you can smell the wpc boards to see if there are any pungent odors.

3, feel the texture and see if it is hard and solid.

4, check the toner concentration to see if it can reach the standard.

5, examine the cross section to see if the structure molds well.