Artificial Wood Deck
Artificial Wood Deck
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How to see the quality of Artificial Wood Deck with the naked eye.

1, please see the thickness of the outer layer
Outer layer is the protection layer and it can provide UV-resistance, color fastness, and abrasion resistance. Some suppliers make the outer layer thin in order to achieve a cheaper price. However, it will cause a lot of problems after few months’ application.
2, check the reflection against the sun
Most co-extrusion products will reflect the sun light and MexyTech suprotect products will not. If the reflection is dazzling, it means that the plastic sense is high. The quality products should let the client feel the wood texture.
3, smell the products
See if you can find irritating smell. If the smell is strong, it means that it may release some harmful gas.
4, feel the products
See if the products are slippery. For the decking application, it is not safe for using the slippery products.
5, examine the products
See the wood grain and wood color are natural or not. Some suppliers can not provide the mixed color products, and you can just see one single color.


 Artificial Wood Deck are flexible in application and can be applied to any area of wood processing, replacing the best environmentally friendly materials for wood; wood-plastic products play a crucial role in the country's low energy consumption and are a recyclable product, Several major projects are widely used.


Artificial Wood Deck Packing

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FAQ of Artificial Wood Deck

A. About Price:

Common price is 2—5usd per meter.

Common Size: 150*25mm, 147*23mm, 140*25mm….


B. About Samples          

Regular Samples take 2 days for preparation.

Customized Samples take 7 days for preparation.


C. About MOQ:

Common Quantity: 500m2.

Customized Quantity: 2 full 20ft.