Xiamen Noya Natural Latex Double Adjustable Pillow

Noya Natural Latex Double Adjustable Pillow

Usage of Natural Latex Pillow:Bedding, Neck, Hotel, Massage

Feature:Anti-Static, Massage, Therapy 

 Age Group: Child-Adult

Size: 60*40*10/12/14CM, 48*28*7/9CM, 59*37*10/12CM

Weight: 500-1200g
Fabric: 100% Polyester Fiber
Filling: 100% Natural Latex
OEM and Customization are fine to us

Product Description of Natural Latex Pillow

1. Natural Latex pillow provides continuous orthopedic support. It's naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites.

2. 100% natural

3. Superior comfortable

4. Durable. Anti-dust, mite, bacteria

5. Non-toxic, Non-allergenic

6. Self-ventilating structure

7. Environmently

Natural Latex Pillow is Suitable for all age group

Material of Natural Latex Pillow:

100% natural latex component (import fromThailand)

Features and Function of Natural Latex Pillow: 

1. Honeycomb design to obtain excellent ventilation and can rapidly depose the heat that human produce.
2. High density and good elasticity can Reduces pressure points for more restful sleep

3. Conforms to your body's shape for luxurious comfort and orthopedic support

4. Environment friendly and harmless, Non-toxic, anti-mite, bacillus prevention and hypo-allergic.
5. Can effectively reduce the snore and be suitable for asthma and improve the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and lower the blood pressure.

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