Wood Wool Cement Board

                    Wood Wool Cement Board

Wood Wool Cement Board in the 40's began to be widely used in Europe, has now become a wide range of international application of building materials. It is practical, excellent performance, with corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant to corrosion, easy processing, and cement, lime, gypsum with good, green and other advantages. Now, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, Russia and other countries have formed a number of such special plate manufacturing company, as well as professional equipment manufacturers, compared to China's less such production lines, cement wood board The development of the domestic space is relatively large, to be the depth of development and utilization.

The thermal conductivity of Wood Wool Cement Board: one of the components of cement wood board wood is a bad conductor of heat, in the form of structural composition, with non-penetrating holes, constitute the air heat capacity and thermal resistance, so cement wood Plate thermal conductivity is very small, due to different bulk density, the thermal conductivity is generally 0.08-0.13m · h · ℃.

Wood Wool Cement Board board fire resistance: cement wood board is a refractory material, the greater the bulk density, the better the fire resistance. The weight of 350 kg / ㎥ wood wire board, with the torch burning, the torch removed, the board flame retardant time of 30 s. Netherlands, according to BS4T6 test, the fire resistance of.

Wood Wool Cement Board as follows: 5 cm board fire 1 h; 10 cm board fire 2 h.

Wood Wool Cement Board stability: the stability of cement wood board mainly in the mildew resistance and insect resistance and weatherability. As the appearance of wood by the cement protection, and by the mineralizer treatment, so afraid of mold. In the cement wood board sample inoculation and cultivation of wood rot fungi, 6 months later, the board weight loss of only 2%, bending strength decreased by 4% -5%. This indicates that the cement board is a decay resistant material. Cement wood board is not afraid of rodents, not affected by termite erosion. Netherlands Eitomation company has reported that the material used on the ground for 30 years without peeling, stratification, powdering phenomenon.