Wood Wool Acoustic Board

Wood Wool Acoustic Board

Wood Wool Acoustic Board  panels show elegant texture and unique taste, can fully explain the designer's ideas and ideas. The product combines the advantages of wood and cement: such as wood as light, such as cement-like solid, with sound absorption, impact resistance, fire, moisture, mildew and other functions, can be widely used in sports venues, theaters, Room, church, factory, school, library, swimming pool and so on.

Wood Wool Acoustic Board to poplar fiber as raw material, combined with a unique inorganic hard cement adhesive, the use of continuous operation process, in high temperature, high pressure conditions made. The product has only physical properties that can be obtained by synthesizing several different building materials.

Wood Wool Acoustic Board are structurally strong, resilient, shock-resistant, and can withstand the impact of basketball, soccer and volleyballs without causing cracks or breakage when used in gymnasiums.

Wood Wool Acoustic Board are easy to install - easy to cut, simple installation method, the general woodworking tools can be.

Wood Wool Acoustic Board of antibacterial moisture - 25mm plate in 85% of the humidity conditions can be used, including open-air and swimming pool, but direct access to water except.

Wood Wool Acoustic Boardof energy-saving insulation, long life - mainly processed by the wood, thermal conductivity as low as 0.07, with a strong thermal insulation properties, economical and durable, long life, according to demand custom size.

Wood Wool Acoustic Board products used in the sound environment requirements of relatively high places, to show high-grade public image, add warm and harmonious business and office atmosphere. Applicable to the construction area of the Grand Theater, concert hall, gymnasium, banks, securities, airports, star hotels, senior office buildings, conference rooms, negotiation rooms, reception hall and various cultural and entertainment venues so on.

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