Wood Ceiling Panels

               Wood Ceiling Panels

Wood Ceiling Panels is through the patented technology, the wood powder and polymer materials from polymerization, with environmental protection, fire, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture, mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-insects, anti-

termite, effective flame retardant, weather resistance, anti-aging Sex and biodegradable, recyclable and recyclable.


Wood Ceiling Panels natural natural wood texture, and fire retardant, waterproof moisture, anti-corrosion mold, pest control moth, thermal insulation, anti-deformation, anti-cracking, strong acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, anti-aging Strong, and other characteristics, bright colors, modeling changeable, not only can design a natural beauty, but also can design a unique modern effect, for indoor, outdoor, ceiling, quick installation, labor and materials, the use of practical high.

Wood Ceiling Panels is a more environmentally friendly than wood, energy-saving new wood, it is almost a natural texture of wood, is the international leading technology leading environmentally friendly products.