What’s The Thatch Roofing?

What’s the Thatch Roofing?


Thatch Roofings are the oldest form of construction on the British Isles. Although thatch has been used to cover cottages and farm buildings, it was once used to build castles and churches. Covered thatch roofings are a unique process that is often handed down from generation to generation. The weed roofing techniques we use are almost unchanged since the Middle Ages. There are more than 800 full-time, thatched-roofed workers in England and Wales who not only repair and replace old roofs, but also build new roofs. Many homeowners choose thatch roofs not only for their beauty, but also because they know that thatch can make them cool in winter and cool in summer.


Plastic Artificial Thatch Gazebo Roof Thatcher Tiles For House/Cottage.jpgSo the roofing technique of the thatched roof began to be reformed, gradually improving the shortcomings of the real thatch roofing is easy to catch fire, easy to worm, and easy to be blown away by the wind. Weave thatch grass into a one-piece thatch roof, weave thatch structure tightly, inside it is diamond-shaped weave, the front is like covered up, weave thatch roof has strong wind resistance. Thatched fires, worms, and rot are formed later, so it's fine to deal with it only during construction. After the construction of the thatch roof is completed, sprinkle the lime powder on the thatch roofing, and then put some water to achieve anti-corrosion, pest control, fire-retardant, and even extend the life of the thatch roofing. By weaving thatch roofings, the construction is as simple as wearing a hat on clothes, and the weaved thatch roofing can be directly placed on the roof.

Simulation thatch, using high-quality imported aluminum processing and production through strict fluorocarbon technology. Simulation thatch as a new type of decorative material, from the choice of raw materials to the processing of finished products are independent innovation by the manufacturers, simulation thatch produced it, the color lasting moisture, decorative effect is fluffy and elegant, it is not only lightweight, fire protection, anti-corrosion , pest control, and a long service life, easy to install, is the best decorative material imitation natural thatch, is also a typical landmark of today's tourism resort.

The effect of emulational thatch is obvious to everyone. Such a new type of material, its natural display, adds an alternative landscape to the local architectural style. At the same time, the decorative building of thatched house can be developed and become an integral part of Chinese gardens. One of the garden buildings.