What’s The Interior Decoration Materials?

What’s the Interior Decoration Materials?


3D Textured Interior Wall Boards/Panels/Panelling For Modern Wall Decor.jpgInterior decoration materials are covering materials used for the interior walls, ceilings, cylinders, floors, etc. of buildings. Modern interior decoration materials can not only improve the indoor art environment and enable people to enjoy the beauty, but also have multiple functions such as heat insulation, moisture prevention, fire prevention, sound absorption, and sound insulation, and play a role in protecting the main structure of the building and prolonging the service life. The role of satisfying certain special requirements is an indispensable material for modern building decoration.


Paintable Decorative PVC 3D Wall Panels/Boards For Home Interior Design.jpgInterior design decoration materials refer to the construction materials and decorative materials that surround and support the various space interfaces. It is a medium for realizing the designer's ideas. The materials are combined with specific construction techniques and the designer's aesthetic guidance to achieve a more beautiful interior decoration. Harmonious effect.

The interior decoration materials can be divided into five categories: wall cabinet materials, floor materials, decoration lines, top materials and fasteners, connectors and adhesives. The tendency of interior decoration materials tend to be green, composite materials, finished products and semi-finished products.