What’s The Cultural Stone?

What’s the Cultural stone?


Brick Wall Art Decoration Artificial PU Culture Stone (WHS006-IMP-C5).jpgThe cultural stone whose the academic name cast stone, it is defined as "the exquisite building concrete building unit manufacturing, the simulated natural cut stone, used for the unit masonry application." Cultural stone is a product of brick and stone structure, as a building function, decoration, decoration or facing buildings or other structures, or can be used for garden sketches. Cultural stone can be made of white or grey cement, manufactured or natural sand, carefully selected gravel or graded natural gravel and mineral pigments to achieve the ideal color and appearance, while maintaining durable physical properties over the most natural cutting stones. Cast stone is a good substitute for natural limestone, brown sandstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, coral rock, lime and other natural stones.

In fact, this kind of stone itself does not have any cultural meaning. Its most attractive feature is that the colour and lustre pattern can keep the natural stone style, add color and lustre change, and can unfold the connotation and artistry of the stone texture. With the cultural idea of people advocating nature and returning to nature, people call it "cultural stone". With this stone decorated wall, paved floors, wall scenes, and so on, it really reveals a kind of cultural charm and natural flavor.

Waterproof Decorative Cedar Image Exterior Wall Panels.jpgCultural stone has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, light weight, high strength and good anti freezing ability. It is usually used for exterior wall or interior decoration. It can be used for new buildings and can be used in refurbished old buildings. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It can produce any type and can make any color for any type.

In interior decoration, cultural stone is mainly used for decorating the living room. From the functional point of view, cultural Shi Ke sound absorption, to avoid the impact of sound on other living rooms, from the decorative effect, it gives a fine sense of metal products, forming a strong sense of quality contrast, very rich in modern sense. The use of cultural stone, do not overuse, so often counterproductive, small area of the room, in the decoration of the wall, can choose some small specifications, light color, plane is good, so not only to widen the room from the vision, but also to create a natural atmosphere. Of course, in the use of cultural stone, should also be clever layout and matching.