What Is The Sound Insulation

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What is the sound insulation

Sound insulation refers to the sound waves in the air when the spread, with a variety of easily absorb the energy of the material to absorb the energy of sound waves, so that the sound can be blocked in the transmission channel can not directly through the measures. Sound insulation and sound contrary.

For a building space, its enclosed structure by the external sound field or directly by the impact of objects and vibration, it will radiate sound energy to the building space, so the space outside the sound through the enclosed structure to the building space, which Called "sound". The sound of incoming sound is always more or less less than the external sound or impact of energy, so that the structure of the isolated part of the role of its sound energy, which is called "sound." Sound and sound insulation is only a phenomenon from two different angles derived from a pair of opposite concept. If the sound energy of the impact energy radiated into the building space is reduced, it is called "solid sound or percussion isolation". This is different from the concept of vibration isolation, the former is the arrival of the recipient's air sound, the latter is the recipient to feel the solid vibration. But to take vibration measures to reduce the impact of vibration or impact on the surrounding structure (such as the floor) of the impact, you can reduce the impact itself.