What Is The Latex Pillow?

what is the latex pillow?


Well Sleeping Non Toxic Baby Latex Pillow For Toddlers Good Health.jpgThe latex pillow is made of latex. It has the characteristics of breathability and hygroscopicity, high resilience, but no memory. Latex pillow is consistent with long-term sleep habits, and can give users a more comfortable experience. The traditional pillow shaped pillow is suitable for users who have used traditional pillows for years. Latex pillow is not only more consistent with the long-term sleep habits, but also allows the natural latex pillow to give users a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Latex pillow has the characteristics of natural environmental protection, no pollution, no poison, anti allergy and so on. According to the principle of ergonomics, it can effectively promote sleep and prevent snoring effectively, which is suitable for asthma patients. The latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity between the human body and the fiber, the honeycomb structure, the good air permeability, the rapid emission of the heat produced by the human body. The scientific formula is formed once, and it is durable and never deformed.


Standard Natural Latex Massage Adult Pillow With Cotton Cover.jpg

The most convenient of the latex pillow is to wash, natural latex pillow is easy to carry out manual cleaning (usually do not need, only need to gently pat), as long as after dehydration, dry with an electric fan, or oven drying at low temperature, no deformation, easy maintenance, folding, good collection, is the most comfortable choice for the pursuit of healthy sleep. When you wash the latex pillow, you must wash it manually and do not wash it in washing machines or other machine equipment because it will rot.