What Is The Cement Panels?

What is the cement panels?


As the name suggests, cement panel is a type of construction slab processed with cement as the main raw material. It is a kind of building product that is between the plasterboard and the stone and can be cut, drilled and carved freely. It is superior to the plasterboard and the wood. Fireproof, waterproof, antiseptic, insect-proof, soundproof and far lower than the price of stone become the building materials widely used in construction industry. Cement panels are prefabricated and cast-in-place.


There are various types of cement panels, which are mainly divided into common cement panels, fiber cement panels, and fiber cement pressure panels according to their grades; they are mainly divided into non-press boards (ordinary boards), fiber-reinforced cement boards, and high-density fiber cement pressure panels according to their strength; It is mainly divided into chrysotile fiber cement board and non-asbestos fiber cement panel.

Cement Bonded Particle Boards/Cement Ceiling Board Fire Rating Properties Sizes Uses.jpgThe plates used for building decoration mainly include gypsum board, density board, calcium silicate board, cement board, stone material, various metal plates, and so on, and each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance and cost performance. Cement panel is waterproof, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, flexural and impact resistance and other physical properties are far better than plasterboard. Cement panel is non-combustible material, its noise insulation effect is far better than the density board. The appearance and shape of the calcium silicate board is very similar to that of the cement panel, but the calcium silicate board is a chemical product, which is the result of the chemical reaction of silicon and calcium at high temperature, so the companies that produce calcium silicate board have autoclave kettle. Calcium silicate boards also have asbestos and asbestos-free, and asbestos boards are available for one or three millimeters. Calcium silicate board has lower density, bending resistance, impact resistance and sound insulation than cement board.