Use Of Magnesium Oxide Wallboard

Use of magnesium oxide wallboard

   1, can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels, fire board, waterproof board, crates, etc. can replace wooden plywood to do wall skirts, doors and windows, door panels, furniture and so on. Can also be painted according to the needs of the surface and paint, water paint, and can be processed into various types of board. Can also be used for basement, mine and other wet environment of the project, and a variety of insulation materials used in combination, made of composite insulation sheet.


2, magnesium oxide wallboard can be through the saw, planing, nail and other processing technology, made of various decorative works structure, through the surface of latex paint, wallpaper, ceramic wall brick finish, complete the decoration works. Can be widely used furniture substrate, fire doors, bathroom partitions, stone composite, decorative panels, carving decoration, bearing plate, packaging, industrial equipment, insulation board, artificial stone composite floor, electrical heat-resistant panels, building templates, Etc., is versatile inorganic fireproof waterproof sheet.

 3, another magnesium oxide wallboard as one of the optional ceiling plate, environmental protection and energy saving, can be saw, can be nailed, can be sticky, can be coated, can brush and so on. For the room, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, subways, libraries, venues, sports grounds, museums, factories, indoor and outdoor ceiling of the basic plate.

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