U Shape Pillow Use

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U shape pillow use


Hands surrounded by pillows, can be lying nap. Arm is not tired to sleep at ease, to avoid the arm, eye and facial nerve compression;

Physiological studies have shown that human brain cells will remain in the inhibitory state after 4-5 hours of excitement. Especially for long-distance travel in terms of bumps, it is easy to fatigue, a long time easy to doze off. Almost all of the passengers ride the hard seat and coach passengers will encounter a common big problem - sleep difficult, head and neck no things pad leaning on the back of the seat to sleep, easy to slip, a long time the neck sore, extremely uncomfortable , U shape pillow is based on the principles of the human body designed to ride the rest of the design of the inflatable pillow, blowing gas cover in the neck resting on the back of the car with Shu Shu help sleep, but also pad in the desktop to sleep, to avoid the arm, Eye and facial nerve compression, can also be used to lie down to rest. Inflatable pillow fluid can make people in a natural state so that the body can achieve the best regulation.

Drive by car

U shape pillow is designed according to the principles of human body for the rest of the ride design, set in the neck to rest and sleep help; U shape pillow is particularly suitable for long-distance driving, the driver can adjust the head 15-20 degrees, to avoid the jugular vein Of the oppression, reduce fatigue, is conducive to safe driving.

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Watch TV

Set in the neck and neck on the back of the seat, lying on the bed, the neck is not sour really comfortable; daily office head and neck for a long time to keep fixed, likely to cause spine strain, the use of U shape pillow, can effectively prevent spine strain

Travel on business

Reduce fatigue, sleep in the ride when the use of transport

Life fun

You can also use the U shape pillow as a piece of furniture accessories, when you watch TV, and children play, reading, or just rest, you can enjoy its comfort. Bring the ends of the U shape pillow, or bend it to the back, the head and the neck, because it is so flexible that you have a variety of postures to meet your body's needs. U shape pillow is very suitable for everyone in your home, regardless of height and weight, it can provide the most comfortable support. U shape pillow can be completely machine wash and anti-allergy.