The Role Of The Baby Pillow

The role of the baby pillow

Baby in the newborn to half a year old when the head is an important stage of development, if can not correct the baby's head for reasonable care, the baby's head will have a great impact on the blood circulation is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby, but also affect the physiological function of the head and neck, but also may cause the baby's head development deformity. Choose a good baby pillow, not only for the baby's neck play a very good protective effect, but also the baby's head to play a role in stereotypes.

Baby shape pillow, the baby's head and neck have a good protection and protection, because the neonatal neck straight, with the pillow on the baby's cervical but oppression, the baby stereotypes have a pit, especially for the baby to use , But also can effectively prevent the baby's head back and forth to the baby's neck without any sense of oppression, conducive to the development of the baby and the head of the blood circulation. The pillow of the most important role is to prevent the baby to prevent the occurrence of migraine, to correct the baby's migraine, flat head also has a very significant role. It uses a special shape of the sponge made, according to the ergonomic design of children, to provide a full range of support role.