The Performance Of Cellular Glass Block

The performance of cellular glass block

Cellular glass block cis a superior performance of adiabatic (cold), sound absorption, moisture, fire light high-strength building materials and decorative materials, the use of temperature range of minus 196 degrees to 450 degrees, A-class non-combustible and building life, The moisture permeability is almost zero. Although other new insulation materials are endless, but the foam glass with its permanent, safe, high reliability in low heat insulation, moisture engineering, sound absorption and other fields occupy an increasingly important position. Its production is the reuse of waste solid materials, is to protect the environment and get rich economic benefits of the example.

Lava foam glass: with perlite, obsidian and other natural lava or industrial waste as the base material, can also add a certain amount of glass powder to reduce the foaming temperature, with Glauber's salt as foam agent made of foam glass. Generally can be used for construction and industrial equipment, insulation materials and wall materials.

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