The Advantages Of Glass Wool Board

The advantages of glass wool board

Noise absorption, can effectively prevent the sound transmission.

Construction is simple, free cutting.

Anti-bacterial anti-mildew, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, to ensure a healthy environment.

A1 grade fire, permanent noncombustible.

Low humidity, high durability.

Now, glass wool board has been widely used in building exterior insulation, insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, industrial furnace insulation; steel insulation board sandwich and so on.

Glass wool board is a deep processing of glass wool products, it uses raw materials is glass wool semi-finished products, polished, sprayed, stickers, processing and other processes made. In order to ensure a total of some decorative effect, the surface basically there are two ways to deal with: First, paste the plastic paper; the second is sprayed on its surface. Spraying is often made of embossed shape, its shape has a large flower pressure, the flower flat and small point spray and other patterns. It has many colors to choose from, the current use of more white.

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