Thatched Roof Cottage Material

Thatched roof cottage material

Thatched roof cottage material, the use of high-quality imported aluminum production through rigorous fluorocarbon technology and made. Simulation of thatch as a new type of decorative materials, it is from the choice of raw materials to the finished product processing are independent innovation by the manufacturers, simulation thatched it, the color lasting moisture, decorative effect fluffy, it is not only light, fire, , Pest control, and the use of a long life, easy to install, is the imitation of natural thatched the best decorative materials, but also today's typical tourist resort landmarks.

Simulation of that decorative effect of everyone is obvious to all, such a new material, it's natural display, to the local architectural style adds an alternative landscape, but also to that cottages decorated building to develop, become Chinese garden indispensable One of the garden buildings. 

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