Thatch Roof Construction

Thatch roof construction

Thatched roof construction is the oldest building in the British archipelago. Although thatch has been used for building cottages and farm buildings, it was once used to build castles and churches. Thatched roof construction is a unique process, often from generation to generation. As we used the thatched roof building since the Middle Ages almost no change. England, Welsh There are more than 800 full-time sheltered roof workers who not only repair and replace old roofs, but also cover new roofs. Many homeowners choose thatched roofs not only for the sake of beauty, but also because they know that that can make them cool and cool in winter.

So thatched roof of the building process began to innovate, and gradually improved by the real grass that is easy to fire the roof, easy to insects, easy to blow the wind shortcomings. Will be woven into a whole thatched grass thatched roof, weaving thatched grass structure, which is diamond-shaped weave, the front is like the uplift of the same, weaving thatched roof strong wind resistance. Thatched fire, raw insects, rot is formed after the day, so as long as the treatment in the construction on the line. General thatched roof construction is completed, in the thatched roof sprinkled with lime powder, and then pour some water to achieve corrosion, pest control, fire, and even extend the life of thatched roofs. Weaving the thatched roof, the construction is like wearing a hat as simple as the direct weaving of the thatched roof directly on the roof can be.

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