Suitable WPC Decking for Each Type of Casting

Suitable WPC Decking for Each Type of Casting

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Suitable WPC Decking for Each Type of Casting

   As one of main uses of WPC Decking,they have been widely and successfully used for several different concrete casting projects. WPC Decking is able to offer the suitable formwork panel for each type of casting, whether it is a shuttering system or loose panel formwork, slab or wall casting, and flat or curved surface. All WPC Decking concrete formwork panels have been designed to meet the requirements of different types of castings in order to achieve the highest quality concrete cast finish.

The WPC Decking shuttering plywood product range includes a wide variety of different panels for different concreting needs. There are several different panel and overlay types, and a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes. The panels can also be ordered with customer specified machining as ready- made components.

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There are several advantageous properties in WPC Decking to make them superior solution for concrete formwork:

  • High quality concrete cast surface

  • Favorable weight to strength ratio

  • High durability – Multiple Re-uses

  • Easy to machine and fix using standard machining and fastening methods

  • Good chemical (alkali) resistance

  • Wide variety of different overlays and sizes available

  • Availability of tailor-made cut-to-size and machining services

  • High quality technical service


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