Plastic Roofing Tiles
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                 Plastic Roofing Tiles

 Plastic Roofing Tiles can effectively prevent fading and yellowing, because the  Plastic Roofing Tiles have excellent 

resistance to yellowing characteristics: the aging of the plastic tile begins with the discoloration and is accompanied by a reduction in light transmittance.  Plastic Roofing Tiles have a retention rate of less than 85% (in southern China) and are one of the evidences of their durability.

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with fire - oxygen index OI ≥ 36, is a flame retardant material;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with anti-corrosion - chemical resistance, longer than the zinc plate life of more than 3 times;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with toughness - impact resistance, tensile resistance, not easy to crack;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with weather resistance - due to the addition of UV UV anti-UV, so the product can really play anti-ultraviolet radiation, life span;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with low noise - rain when the noise is particularly low, than the metal roof noise reduction of more than 30db;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with light - easy to install, easy to handle, save time and effort;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles with aesthetics - bright color, colorful;

 Plastic Roofing Tiles are environmentally friendly - do not contain asbestos ingredients, no carcinogenic substances such as release, and so on.