Plaster Board Light Steel Joist Ceiling Note

1, ceiling height, dimensions, Arch and shape, the design requirements.

2, decorative materials, material of the variety, size, pattern and color, the design requirements.

3, dark ceiling construction must be installed firmly, keel hanger, keel and decorative materials.

People stepped on, 4 keels installed shall not be collapsed, other types of hanging pieces or weight hanging on the light steel keel is strictly prohibited.

In 5, roof construction, should be protected within the ceiling filled ray tube, light steel joist hangers and keels on the non-fixing of the ventilation ducts and other devices.

6, the construction process, the plasterboard construction tools want to turn into a tool bag, shall not throw passes up and down material or tools, tools, electrical operation strictly according to the rules, to prevent cuts.

7, to ensure that project: light steel keel in plasterboard and cover types, specifications and methods must comply with the design requirements; the installation of light-gauge steel must be correctly positioned, secure connection, without loosing; cover Panel should be no delamination, warping, folding defects such as cracking, chipping off the corners, installation must be firm, not loose.

8, Basic project: light steel skeleton of the boom, large, medium and small frame is correctly positioned, straight no bends, no deformation, hanging pieces, connections should comply with requirements; cover Panel surface is smooth, clean, consistent color, pollution-free and other defects.

9, light steel joist: 2 mm joist spacing, joist straight 2 mm, around the keel level of positive and negative 2mm.

10, gypsum board ceiling cover: smooth 2 mm, seams smooth 2 mm, seam/-1 mm, around the ceiling level of positive and negative 2mm.

Believe that based on the above understanding, all prices for plaster board light steel keel, plaster board light steel joist ceiling note very clearly, I hope everyone can pay attention to the price gap, select products that meet the requirements.